Finishing FAQs


We offer this section of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help our customers gain a better understanding of the various elements that contribute to a durable high-quality finish.  Below are some of the most-common FAQ's and our answers:


Q: Are all Military parts painted the same using the same materials and processes? 

A: fact there are many Military Drawings and Specifications that pertain to the "paint process' required for a particular part used in a Military application.  For example, most military weapon systems require the Chemical Agent Resistance Coating (CARC) which is actually a 3 part requirement consisting of a Pre-Treat, Primer, and Top Coat application.  Each requirement has specific application and test/validation requirements that are contained within Military and Commercial specifications.  Your customer must provide you with the specific finish requirements for each part.


Q: Can you help us interpret the finish requirements for our part?  

A: Yes..By reviewing the specific part drawing(s) we can provide you with a detailed finishing quotation that lists the detailed finish  requirements and any special finishing/handling processes for each part you have.  In the event of any questions or concerns with the finishing requirements we will gladly assist you in discussing these issues with your customer....another benefit of Spectra's customer service.  We can also recommend types of finishes that are best-suited to your part to achieve a long-lasting quality finish.  


‚ÄčQ:  Do you do small volume runs?

A:  Yes we specialize in small volume runs with our rapid change-over processes.  Spectra built its outstanding reputation by helping our customers with their proto-types, first articles, and initial production quantities.  Most of our large-volume customers began with just a few hundred parts to get through the product approval cycle.  Small volumes are welcomed at Spectra!


Q: Do you have industry references that we may contact?

A: Yes in most cases our customers welcome inquiries about Spectra's service performance.  Upon request, we will provide you with a list of references that you may contact.  


Q: Is Spectra a small business entity that meets the SBA's definition of small business?

A: fact, Spectra is defined by the Small Business Administration as a Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprise.  The ownership of Spectra is 100% Military Veteran.

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