POWDER 8315Spectra is approved by Tacom, General Dynamics, Raytheon, AM General, and the Defense Logistics Agency to apply the CARC finish systems required for combat weapon systems components.  The CARC system is a series of drawings and specifications that outline the materials, application, and testing requirements for both aluminum and steel components.  Typical drawings and specifications are:

MIL-DTL-5541 (Chromate Conversion Coating)   TTC-490 (Zinc Phosphate Treatment)  MIL-DTL-53022 (White Epoxy Primer)  MIL-DTL-53039 (Solvent Based  Exterior CARC Paint)  MIL-DTL-22750 (Solvent Based Interior CARC Paint.

Spectra offers additional Military Finishes for the Air Force, Navy, and environmentally-friendly Water-Borne materials upon request.

5 Stage Cleaning/Pre-Treatment System for Steel and Aluminum Parts using either Zinc Phosphate (Steel Parts) or Chromate (Aluminum Parts) to add corrosion protection to the parts.

WET 8370-CUPrimer:
A Variety of Primer Materials are available:  Zinc-Rich Primer provides a significant additional level of corrosion protection to the base metal of the part.  White Epoxy Primer is typically used when special Military-Grade Top Coats, like CARC and Polyurethane, are required.  Acid-Wash Primer is typically used when parts are Galvanized Steel or are of a large size and/or weight.  Each of the Primer Materials are used to maximize corrosion protection to the base metal and provide maximum adhesion of the top-coat finish.

WET 8371-CUTop Coat Finish:
Spectra offers a variety of top coat finish choices to our customers.  The choice of topcoat material and color is typically specified on product drawings and through required specifications.  Spectra works directly with leading top coat finish manufacturer’s, like Sherwin Williams ®, Pittsburgh Paints-PPG ®, and others.  If a top coat is not specified, Spectra can recommend the best product for the application.  Our knowledgeable staff has over 30 years of parts finishing expertise.


Spectra offers a total solutions approach finishing solution to our customers. Many customers have special parts marking, packaging, and kitting requirements. 

Crown-Back-Panel-outlinePart Marking / Screen Printing
Spectra offers industrial screen printing services, custom-made decals and labels, rubber-stamping of part numbers, and other part marking/identification services.

Packaging / Kitting

Spectra also offers packaging services.  Most often Spectra is the final step in the part manufacturing process and having the capability to wrap, box, and/or label the final part provides significant cost savings to our customers.  We can even help our customer select the best packaging material for their project.

Microphone-outlineSpectra offers a broad range of finishes for Commercial product applications.  We offer both wet paint and powder coat options for a long-lasting, durable, and appealing finish.  With our team of finishing experts, Spectra works with the customer to achieve the most cost-efficient finishing solution for their project.

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